TADIN Herbal Ally list



Chamomile (botanical name Matricaria chamomilla) is the courageous small flower that can calm a range of characters, from the toughest giant, to a grouchy mom, to a frustrated child.  Chamomile, or Manzanilla, as it is called by Spanish speakers, has been relied by upon as a consistent companion by young and old for easing upset stomachs; cooling irritated minds and skin; calming the body before a test or big performance; relieving spasms of menstrual cramps; soothing irritated gums for little ones; and even for lightening and brightening hair.  Chamomile/Manzanilla is your herbal ally when you want to feel as cool as a cucumber morning or night.

Flavor/aroma/feeling: Sweet and bitter, floral, cool, bright, green, reliable, refreshing, up-lifting, restorative.

Additions: Chamomile tea is traditionally used topically to soothe the skin and is useful to add in baths to calm the mind and body.

Chamomile is a power flower for chilling.

Chamomile has your back when you’re feeling like !?!&^#%@ These tiny flowers are packed with the power to calm big people and little ones.  For generations it has been used around the globe for mellowing out and also brightening the spirits when life throws a harsh curve.  You can trust chamomile to be an ally, it’s always there when you need a good cuppa.

Hibiscus tea, flower and dry blossom


Hibiscus (botanical name Hibiscus rosa- sinensis)  is a beautiful flower that creates a flavor-filled and colorful cup of magic to drink.  It’s refreshingly sour yet sweet taste is delicious any time of day to lift your spirits.  The deep magenta color of hibiscus is known to be rich in naturally occurring vitamin C.  Delicious hot or cold, hibiscus is your go-to ally when you need a caffeine-free pick me up, or to help those young and old feel refreshed and invigorated.

Flavor/aroma/feeling: Fruity, sour, sweet, juicy, vibrant, restorative, and nourishing.

Additions: Hibiscus tea is delicious with honey and a spring of fresh mint —hot or cold. Adults- only: Experience juicy sweetness with a splash of gin and tonic and a lime wedge if you’d like to indulge, and feel inspired by the tang!

Hibiscus is a sexy sweet red flower that keeps you refreshed, healthy, passionate and smart. The ruby red hibiscus is your power “flavorcolor” for thinking and feeling with your heart.  You are passionate.  You feel deeply.  Kids love it with honey when they feel grouchy and hot. 



Peppermint (botanical name Mentha piperata) is a well-known and delicious uplifting little leaf with big power to bring you up and revitalize you. Enjoy a cup of this tea hot or cold and experience its versatility and fresh fun flavor. Peppermint is a wonderful herb to aid in digestion and help with the off-feeling of an upset stomach and a tired and foggy mind. The revitalizing green energy of peppermint will serve you well through your whole day—as a morning uplifter or as an end of day soothing come-down.

Peppermint is your herbal ally when you want to feel refreshed and restored.

Flavor/aroma/feeling: menthol, cooling, herbaceous, green, fresh, uplifting, focusing, and regulating.

Additions: Peppermint tea’s fresh green aroma is a helpful cooling nasal inhalant. While tea is steeping, inhale the steam through the nose at a safe but near enough distance to help sooth clogged and irritated nasal passages. When the tea cools down some, sip and be well!  This invigorating tea makes a cool hair rinse on a hot summer day!

ginger tea with mint and lemon


Ginger (botanical name Zingiber officinale) is a powerful and zingy-tasting root to have as an ally. Known the world over as a primo digestive aid, ginger is a special spice that will wow you with its versatility and stimulating properties. Ginger tea is delicious hot or cold and great as a morning uplifter or as a stomach-soothing post-dinner aperitif. People of all ages love ginger tea and enjoy its relaxing and refreshing zesty character. Ginger tea feels good if your tummy feels “off”. It’s also a great tea for the afternoon slump as it’s stimulating fresh flavor creates a feeling of focus in the mind.

Flavor/aroma/feeling: warming, spicy, zesty, invigorating, and uplifting.

Additions: Ginger tea is an especially soothing drink paired with honey and a slice of lemon when you’re feeling a scratchy throat, run down, or when you just want a very intense and satisfying and tasty cuppa!